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November 26, 1922: Archaeologists Enter King Tut’s Tomb

On this day in 1922, British archaeologists Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon were the first to enter King Tut’s tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings.

Carter discovered a step leading to a mud-brick door that revealed a passageway to the untouched, four-room tomb for more than 3,000 years. The excavation yielded thousands of cultural objects and the most fascinating was a stone sarcophagus containing three coffins and the mummified body of teenage King Tut.

Discover the treasures of King Tut’s tomb with Secrets of the Pharaohs’ interactive game and tour of the sacred, ancient artifacts.

Photo: Howard Carter opens the innermost shrine of King Tutankhamen’s tomb near Luxor, Egypt which one of carter’s water boy found the steps down to (The New York Times/Wikimedia Commons).

I’m fucking happy.

Today is the last day of my clinical practice of the program I’m in. I can’t wait to be finished exams next week and graduate in June, so that I won’t have to see 98% of these shitty classmates ever again.

I’ve also figured out what I want to do in terms of future study and education.

The only thing is that I need money.

If I work for a year or two, I could save up enough for a car and the first year of university, but I’ll have to do student loans to pay off the rest. I’ll (probably) be in my thirties by the time I’m done, but I’m not giving a shit.

I’m fucking done with doing programs that won’t make me happy. I’m fucking done with trying to please other people rather than myself.

I will get my undergrad degree. I don’t care how much work, time or energy that it’s going to take.

I will make the choice to be happy, and if anybody tries to rain on my sunshine or take advantage of me and my niceness ever again-

They can go fuck themselves with a telephone poll.

Cheating is NOT a mistake.
If you’re truly in love with someone, you will not be able to kiss someone else without tasting your loved ones tears stain your lips. You will not be able to take your clothes off for someone else without feeling like a field ripped bare to its soil. Cheating is a choice, its a choice you made because you obviously didn’t give a single fuck about your relationship.
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